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Oil & Gas

Developing offshore technology for industrial profitability

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ALSEAMER Oil & Gas Market

Oil companies operate offshore and deep offshore fields to provide the energy needed by modern economies. ALSEAMAR participates in providing the products and solutions to meet exploration and production challenges.

SEAEXPLORER Unmanned Underwater gliders, as well as Unmanned Surface Vehicles, assist in oil and gas exploration at sea, and in monitoring the state of the marine environment surrounding offshore platforms.

The syntactic foam buoyancy material formulated and manufactured under the BMTI® brand combines high performances to provide reliable solutions for ROV and custom-made solutions for deep-sea industrial installations.

ALSEAMAR also offers a range of services to deal with obsolescence issues, to optimize maintenance, and to upgrade offshore and subsea oil installations. Its diagnostic and reengineering processes are designed to promote profitable operations. 


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