On-Demand R&D

Design the system that matches your requirements

On-Demand R&D

Design the system that matches your requirements


ALSEAMAR has always given pride of place to innovation in undersea robotics, acoustics, radiocommunications and deep-water buoyancy. For this reason, R&D has always been our core competency.

Whatever your goals, outsourcing your R&D project to ALSEAMAR can offer your company many benefits: access to new specialist expertise, developing expertise, filling capability gaps, resource flexibility, shorter time to market, focusing on core activities, enhancing quality/service or financial aspects.

As a system architect, ALSEAMAR will design the system that matches your requirements to offer an easy to use and low cost solution.

Confident in ALSEAMAR’s 28 years experience in radiocommunications, positioning and guidance, control and command, and time management, many companies have decided to outsource non-core activities or some R&D to ALSEAMAR experts.

ALSEAMAR has particularly acquired strong expertise in underwater acoustics, robotics, electronics, signal processing, deep-water buoyancy, hyperbaric mechanics, hydraulics and hydrodynamics.

ALSEAMAR has its own sea-base with ships to conduct sea-going trials and equipment testing. We conduct sea trials in the Mediterranean in the south of France, offering both shallow and very deep water environmental conditions.

ALSEAMAR cooperates with many high-level universities, engineering schools and research laboratories in France and elsewhere.

Finally, ALSEAMAR shares its background and know-how with foreign companies in order to design and develop innovative joint products.

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