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Defence & Security

At the heart of naval, submarine and special operations warfare

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ALSEAMAR in Defense & Security

ALSEAMAR produces equipment for naval defence and security strategies

ALSEAMAR designs and manufactures embedded naval radiocommunications antenna systems for naval vessels and submarines, as well as acoustic positioning equipement. These systems help ensure maritime search & surveillance missions, the trajectography of Autonomous Underwater Vehicles and torpedoes, as well as the location of black boxes following aircraft crashes at sea.

ALSEAMAR also designs and manufactures a range of submarine gliders, swimmer delivery vehicles, and surface drones and underwater propulsion devices for monitoring and data gathering, smart solutions for Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance missions. 

ALSEAMAR also proposes Life Extension Services to meet the challenge of extending naval weaponry and underwater equipment service life, such as obsolescence processing, reverse engineering, maintenance optimization, upgrade, and modernization.


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