Subsea Light Vehicle to transport divers

Subsea Light Vehicle for special operation warfare - MURENE - ALSEAMAR

1+1 divers

  • Underwater attack
  • Infiltration or exfiltration of commandos
  • Maritime counterterrorism
  • Beaching recognition of amphibious operations
  • Logistic operations

The Subsea Light Vehicle (SLV) named MURENE is the latest generation of diver propulsion device. It has been designed to provide the best ergonomics, protection and performances for 2 combat divers fully equipped. MURENE can be deployed from shore, from a rigid inflatable boat or from a submarine through a torpedo tube (NATO Std 21”). The SLV MURENE is fitted with a cutting edge Inertial Navigation System coupled to a Doppler Velocity Log and a GPS. Its small dimension, its greater ease of use, and intuitive piloting, make it a perfect device to sneak up on maritime targets. The full version, fitted with a Forward Looking Multi-Beam Sonar, is able to carry out seabed monitoring before an amphibious operation. Designed on the basis of a strong cooperation with combat divers, it is fully built and patented by ALSEAMAR.  

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up to 4 Kts


up to 16 Nm at 2 Kts


under 135 kg

Operating Depth

0 up to 50 m

Piloting mode

manual or semi-auto

Obstacle detector

up to 100 m


50 liters


Std1 – Std2 – Std3


  • Advanced hydrodynamic shape and protection
  • Comfortable posture for the divers
  • Simple and user-friendly piloting
  • High accuracy navigation system
  • Very long operating range
  • High payload capacity
  • Multiple redundancies (depth gauge, analog compass, timer watch, engine…)