ACSA, ATOB and BMTI merge to give birth to ALSEAMAR, a new company gathering the marine and underwater activities of Alcen industrial group for Defense & Security, Offshore Oil & Gas and Ocean science markets.

Technologies and services are organized into three divisions: MATERIALS, PRODUCTS and SERVICES. The vocation of ALSEAMAR is to design and manufacture equipment, complex naval systems and to deliver new services using technology and knowhow developed internally.

Its activity is split between on-demand R&D projects and off-the-shelf products such as unmanned vehicles, Swimmer Delivery Vehicle, underwater GPS positioning systems or radiocommunications equipment. The company offer a large panel of services, such as subsea maintenance, revamping, subsea monitoring or training.

ALCEN works in four domains: defence & security, energy, medical and aeronautics.

Its ambition is to establish a constant innovation policy in these domains, primarily applied to its own products and services.

Wherever possible, they offer innovative solutions.

It organizes its teams in structures that are both independent and coordinated, set up around top-level, fully accountable members of staff.

ACSA innovation at sea

ACSA is a high-tech company with expertise in underwater robotics and acoustics.
Its activity ranges from on-demand R&D for third party to off-the-shelf products such as unmanned vehicles (surface and underwater) and underwater GPS positioning systems.

ATOB, life extender services

ATOB is an engineering, maintenance, inspection, modernization and design firm, specialized in maritime and subsea such as Swimmer Delivery Vehicle, Remotely Operated Vehicle, and subsea tooling and production systems.


BMTI designs and manufactures both radio antenna systems for harsh marine environment for the naval defence market, as well as syntactic foams for deepwater depth buoyancy applications in the Oil & Gas market.