Underwater gliders services

Environmental baseline studies, Pollution monitoring, Seep detection

Underwater gliders services

Environmental baseline studies, Pollution monitoring, Seep detection

ALSEAMAR Underwater gliders services

The SEAEXPLORER underwater glider is an autonomous sensing platform with very high endurance for both coastal and offshore marine environments: the glider is driven by buoyancy changes (no propeller) for low energy consumption and weeks to months of autonomous missions without the need for a surface vessel. The SEAEXPLORER is an effective profiling tool for water column observation.

Along the saw-tooth like navigation profile the glider collects different physical and biochemical parameters through its attached sensors.

The glider is regularly monitored by the onshore-based pilot each time it surfaces, to remotely download data and update the mission. 

Key Benefits

  • Large scale surveys (weeks to months of endurance without a surface vessel)
  • Continuous, “in situ” & multi-parameter measurement 
  • Dissolved chemical compound sensing
  • Near real time data transmission & mission management
  • Autonomous & very cost effective survey 
  • No environmental footprint / low HSE risk


ALSEAMAR  provides turnkey services from data acquisition to delivery of full data analysis & reports using its powerful autonomous SEA EXPLORER underwater gliders. 

The ALSEAMAR offer includes:

  • Mobilization of SEA EXPLORER gliders
    • Mission planning
    • Glider preparation & testing
    • Glider deployment
  • Glider survey
    • 24/7 Piloting during the mission
    • Real time data provision and processing
    • Daily reporting 
  • Demobilization of SEA EXPLORER gliders
    • Glider recovery
  • Analysis & Report processing
    • Quality control
    • Post mission Processing
    • Data analysis
    • Delivery of data and final report

Piloting services: for SEAEXPLORER glider owners, ALSEAMAR proposes piloting services with its experienced team of pilots supporting 24/7 mission management during glider surveys.


Collected data

  • Salinity, Temperature, Pressure
  • Dissolved oxygen
  • Chlorophyll
  • Turbidity
  • CDOM
  • Hydrocarbons 
  • Methane
  • Acoustic recordings    


SEAEXPLORER collected data

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  • Oceanography
  • Water Quality & Pollution
  • Eutrophization
  • Acoustic survey


  • Environmental Baseline
  • Operations support & Metocean 
  • Oil Spill Response
  • Pre Exploration / Seep Hunting
  • Marine Mammal’s Survey