Maintenance engineering & Repair

Subsea maintenance engineering and repair

Maintenance engineering & Repair

Subsea maintenance engineering and repair

ALSEAMAR Maintenance engineering & Repair

Subsea Maintenance Engineering (MIEC Subsea)

ALSEAMAR provides complete engineering services for subsea equipment such as:

  • 3D Simulation Interface Checks
  • Emergency Response Plans
  • Maintenance Plans
  • Replacement Procedures
  • Spare part Identification, Optimization & Storage
  • CFT and specific tooling design

ALSEAMAR offers maintenance engineering and subsea inspection solutions. In FEED (Front-End Engineering and Design), ALSEAMAR guarantees the inspectability of future subsea equipment and studies inspection plans and monitoring strategies for subsea facilities.

In the project phase, ALSEAMAR guarantees the conformity of manufactured equipment with inspection and maintenance specifications and finalizes maintenance plans.

During the operational phase, ALSEAMAR provides expertise to conduct subsea inspections, to interpret the data and to adapt inspection plans to experience feedback.

Maintenance services

ALSEAMAR makes use of a multitasking industrial base (mechanical, electromechanical, electronic, surface treatment, hydraulic, etc.) that allows feedback from human and technical data.  Our design office and subcontractor network operates  to offer the best service quality on a daily basis.

The maintenance recommended by our services is designed to quickly restore equipment or system performances in their specific environments. 

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  • Defense & Seucrity
  • Oil & Gas

Key Features

  • Drawing up ILS maintenance plans
  • Scheduled maintenance and corrective repair management 
  • 24/7 Technical support and hotline: situation assessment, diagnosis and repair recommendations
  • Spare part supply, replacement of defective parts 
  • Follow up of maintenance documentation, technical issues, operational feedback and configuration changes 
  • Training 


  • Supply chain anticipation
  • Preventive maintenance optimization
  • Damage risk reduction
  • Cost savings