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Unmanned Vehicles

ALSEAMAR designs and manufactures underwater systems and unmanned vehicles (UUV & USV) for Oil & Gas applications, and more generally for the Mining Resources & Energy industry.

We develop efficient tools to continuously monitor oceans to provide industrial users with real-time data in a very cost effective manner. For example, the SEA EXPLORER glider equipped with appropriate sensors is a highly dedicated platform for Environmental Baseline Studies, long term “in-situ” monitoring of water column parameters or hydrocarbon-methane traces detection.

Furthermore, ALSEAMAR having always given pride of place to innovation, R&D for third party still represents a core competency. We have acquired strong expertise in underwater robotics, acoustics, electronics, signal processing, hyperbaric mechanics, hydraulics and hydrodynamics… Hence, for any specific design project, please contact our R&D department. As a system architect, we will design the system that matches your requirements to offer an easy to use and low cost solution.


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