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Inspection, Maintenance & Repair (IMR) and Obsolescence Survey

ALSEAMAR supports its customers in the diagnosis and survey of their installations.

Based on a large experience in obsolescence resolution and maintenance & inspection engineering, ALSEAMAR has developed an obsolescence diagnostic method, DIAGOBSO©, which encompasses all the critical aspects of ageing systems.

The audit of your facilities is performed by a team composed of engineers and technical experts, who  adapt the level of assessment depending on the criticality of each system. The use of a dedicated mobile application allows an efficient inspection and a fast post treatment.
In order to reduce the financial costs of obsolescence, ALSEAMAR offers a combination of proactive and reactive approaches, adapted to each situation:

  • To secure the supply chain,
  • To secure human skills,
  • To secure design,
  • To process a proven obsolescence issue

All the recommendations of the survey are compiled in an action plan in order to:

  • Allow the maintenance of the system or facility in operation until its planned decommissioning,
  • Assist for the decision of a life extension project,
  • Meet the expected possession costs,
  • Manage the risks in terms of production loss and HSE.


  • 2014 Audit of offshore platforms
  • 2009 Expertise of the fire control systems Diagnosis of naval systems submarinesDiagnosis of orphan test bench before modernization works


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Audit and diagnostic - Inspection, Maintenance & Repair (IMR) and Obsolescence SurveyInspection, Maintenance & Repair (IMR) and Obsolescence Survey - offshore