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Deepwater Floats

Syntactic Foams: Deepwater Buoyancy for Oceanography

The oceanography industry is unique, as its equipment is deployed at great depths (typically 6,000 or 8,000 m) over long periods (typically 15 to 20 years).

The performance of BMTI Syntactic Foams designed for these applications should remain insensitive to the combined effect of water pressure / duration of exposure.

ALSEAMAR meets these requirements by designing low-density Syntactic Foams, for intensive long-duration applications at extreme depths.

Thus, in addition to the development of suitable formulations, ALSEAMAR has developed a predictive model of water absorption over time. This allows us to propose the most suitable solutions to the specific needs expressed by our customers.

Those products are distributed under BMTI trade mark, that are strictly identical to previous BMTI company (formulation, products, design and manufacturing).


  • Low Drag Buoy
  • Modular Buoy
  • Umbilical Buoy
  • Cylinders
  • Additional buoyancy 6000 m rating depth
  • Cylindrical modular Buoyancy


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BMTI Syntactic Foams - Buoyancy
Additionnal buoyancy 6000 m rating depthUmbilical buoysModular Buoy Low Drag BuoySyntactic foam Cylinders