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Underwater Detection Systems DETECTOR

DETECTOR: the latest acoustic detection system

DETECTOR-1000 and DETECTOR-6000 are very efficient, long range acoustic detection systems for locating acoustic pingers. They can cover very large areas in a small amount of time speeding up search operations.

Key features

  • Extremely long detection range (typically 4 to 5 km for black boxes)
  • Simple and robust
  • Easy to use, even in poor weather
  • Immediate deployment from various platforms: vessel of opportunity, helicopter, submarine, inflatable boat etc.
  • Equally suitable for deep water and shallow water
  • Intuitive and user friendly interface
  • Increased coverage speed (by a factor of 20)
  • Dramatically reduced Search and Recovery costs
  • Recorded signals can be made available for Post Processing and use by Investigators (optional)
  • Isolates natural sounds such as whale song to accurately locate a beacon


  • Search and Recovery operations : Underwater Locator Beacons (ULBs), NATO aircraft pingers and distressed submarine signal
  • Drug enforcement: detection and localization of underwater drugs canisters


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DETECTOR-1000: the latest acoustic detection system DETECTOR-1000 acoustic detection system